Sjoerd van Rijen — Portfolio
Last Updated Jan 2024

Hi, My name
is Sjoerd.

I'm an Amsterdam-based Sr. Product Designer with over 13 years of design experience who is passionate about helping to develop brand new digital products, digital product marketing and mentoring young talent.

Currently, I’m working with multiple teams in the growth department at WeTransfer to create the future of creative collaboration. Before WeTransfer, I worked on cool marketing- and digital products at Present Plus (acquired), Your Majesty, and IceMobile.

Product design

Reviews & Portals by WeTransfer 
Portals' main goal is to make the client review process less tedious. With portals and reviews, we’re trying to expedite feedback and decision-making for creatives and their clients. Creatives get features to present their work and guide their clients’ attention while clients get features to express their feedback in context and on time.

Paste by WeTransfer
At the moment I'm working with a small disciplinary team on Paste, a new product in WeTransfer's suite of creative tools aimed at automating design for presentations. I'm mostly focussing on growing our userbase and improving our product through research, product design, product marketing, Design system management and art direction spread out over multiple teams in our product org. Here's an explainer video that I was heavily involved with that I think explains Paste pretty well.

Collect by WeTransfer
Together with a multidisciplinary team, we collaborated to define the future of WeTransfer for Mobile. After researching how people consume inspiration, we tried to tackle the problem of not having one place to collect and keep your inspiration.
I was part of the core team of 4 that took the product from ideation to launch in 9 months. After that, I was heavily involved in the product marketing and communication design. If you want to know more check out the website or the launch video

The all-new 
I was lucky to be part of the redesign of WeTransfer in 2017. With a core team of 8, we tried to create a faster, more secure and more reliable service through research and design. 5 months later, we rolled out the new WeTransfer to 195 countries. Check out the more in-depth article about our design process or check the live website at

Present Plus, Your Majesty, and more...
Before I focussed on product designer, I worked for 7 years in agencies in and around Amsterdam for clients like Samsung, Absolut, Airbnb, Universal, Dopper, PostNL, Netflix, Facebook, V&A, Volkshotel, FILA, Adidas, Mr. Porter, Museumnacht, and WeTransfer. 

Side projects


  • Shooting analog photos with my Pentax P30  
  • Digging rare disco, funk and italo
  • Amsterdam Typography

For more information on my professional background, check out my Linkedin. If you want to chat or get more information about my work, please reach out to me at