Hi, I’m Sjoerd.

I'm a digital product designer with a love for visual and communication design.
Currently, I’m creating new digital products at Your Majesty in Amsterdam. Before this, I’ve worked on super cool stuff at WeTransfer and IceMobile

Here are some projects I’m proud of:

● WeTransfer for iOS
Together with a multidisciplinary team, we collaborated to define and create the future of WeTransfer on Mobile. After 11 months of designing, iterating, and building, we launched the new app on the 10th of October 2017. I was involved in Ideation & concepting, user testing, prototyping, UX & UI design, product marketing and communication design. If you want to know more check this out or this.

● The all-new WeTransfer.com
Redesigned and reimagined WeTransfer from the ground up. Created a faster, more secure and more reliable service. The new WeTransfer has been rolled out in 195 countries and supports 40 million monthly active users who want to send something from A to B. I was involved in concepting, prototyping, UX & UI design. Check out the design article here.

● Presentplus.co.uk
For Present Plus, a creative film production studio based in London, we created a website where the showreel became the heartbeat of the site. A never ending, easy to update showreel on the homepage with detail pages hiding behind every client’s clip. I was involved in ideation, prototyping, UX & UI design.

● Volkshotel.nl
During my time at Your Majesty, we were invited to design and build the online platform for Volkshotel, a new hotel/club/restaurant/creative space, located in an old newspaper building in Amsterdam. I was involved in ideation, research, UX & UI design, and visual style. Visit the site here or check the case here.

● Access All Areas for UMG 
Universal Music Group and Anomaly London approached Your Majesty to help them reimagine the experience of music gift-giving. We created a website that acts as a digital hub for UMG artists to give back to their fanbase. I was involved in concepting, UX & UI design, icon design, and visual style. Check it out here

I really enjoy taking pictures of Amsterdam and share them on Instagram. I also like to post my burger reviews on Amsterdamburger.club, a little side project.

For more information on my professional background, check out my Linkedin profile. If you want to chat or get more information about my work, please reach out to me at sjoerdvanrijen@gmail.com